Satisfactory Academic Progress

All undergraduate and graduate students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements in order to receive financial aid at Shenandoah University. Federal regulations require each college or university to have an academic progress policy, which establishes the minimum standards of eligibility for financial aid. 

Undergraduate Students must meet the following requirements:

Earned Credit Requirements

Full-time students must successfully complete:

  • 16 credit hours after 2 semesters of study
  • 36 credit hours after 4 semesters of study
  • 60 credit hours after 6 semesters of study
  • 90 credit hours after 8 semesters of study
  • The baccalaureate degree in 10 semesters

GPA Requirements

The minimum credit hour requirements are prorated for students who attend less than full-time (i.e., 75 percent for 3/4 time; 50 percent for 1/2 time) or fail to maintain the following minimum cumulative grade point averages:

Credit Hours Graded Minimum Cumulative GPA
1.00 – 23.99 1.6
24.00-53.99 1.8
60.00 and above 2.00


Semester Limits for Financial Aid

Students who intend to take longer than four years to complete a degree should realize that many state and university financial aid programs limit assistance to eight semesters of full-time study. Students who do not take these limitations into consideration may find themselves unable to obtain aid for a fifth year of study. Please contact our office for details if you will be attending more than four years.

In regards to federal student aid, students must complete their degree within one hundred fifty percent of the published program length. For example, if a program requires one hundred twenty hours to complete, students must complete their degree by the time they have attempted one hundred eighty hours. For any hours attempted over one hundred eighty, a student would not be eligible for financial aid.


Reinstatement of Eligibility

Students may re-establish eligibility for financial aid by enrolling for classes at their expense until completing the minimum number of credit hours and achieving the minimum cumulative grade point average.


Appeal Process

Students who lose student financial aid eligibility by failing to make satisfactory academic progress may appeal. Approved appeals result in a student financial aid probationary status. Students will receive financial aid as long as they are meeting requirements of the probation status as specified during the appeal process. Students appeal in writing to the Director of Financial Aid.